4 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Make Your Dog Healthier

Man holding dog's Paw

If your dog has long suffered from anxiety or other painful health conditions and you’ve tried every treatment option in the book, you’ll probably find yourself looking for an alternative treatment. There’s evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) oil can help people deal with anxiety and pain — so you may wonder, will it work for dogs, too?

CBD Oil for Dogs: How it Works

CBD oil has no THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the key psychoactive constituent of cannabis. It calms your dog and relieves pain, without the effects of intoxication. And unlike traditional pain medicine for dogs, CBD oil has no life-threatening side effects when used in proper doses. It doesn’t damage your dog’s liver, kidney, or GI tract.

Plus, there are many other benefits of CBD oil for your furry friends:

1. CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety

Many dogs, especially those who have been adopted from shelters, suffer from separation anxiety. Symptoms of this condition include defecating in inappropriate places, howling, digging, escaping, and destructive behavior whenever dogs are left alone or separated from their guardians.

If you notice these symptoms from your dog, you can consider using CBD oil. A drop (or recommended dosage) of CBD oil in your pet’s mouth is enough to help it feel relaxed whenever you leave it at home alone.

2. CBD Oil Can Treat Seizures

As a dog owner, it can be terrifying to see your pet shaking uncontrollably for several minutes. Many dogs that suffer from seizure disorders or epilepsy are put on drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. While these drugs help control seizures, they can cause side-effects, such as limb weakness.

Studies have found that CBD can manage people’s seizures — and it can work on dogs, too. Many holistic veterinary practices today suggest using CBD oil to reduce the frequency of a dog’s seizures and, in some cases, to eliminate seizures altogether.

3. CBD Oil Relieves Arthritis Pain

Old dogs tend to develop painful osteoarthritis as the cartilage surfaces of their joints get thinner over time. If your dog has this condition, you can relieve its pain by using CBD oils. The CBD targets aching joints and gives your dog relief. It also soothes the chronic joint inflammation that leaves your pet groaning whenever it has to jump or walk for a long time.

4. CBD Oil Boosts Appetite

When dogs lose their appetite, it can be hard to pinpoint why. Many times, however, they lose their appetite due to nausea. A drop of CBD oil can alleviate their nauseous feeling and help regain — and even increase — their appetite, so they can go back to being energetic and playful dogs.

With these benefits, CBD oil is a good alternative treatment option for your dog that has been experiencing pain, anxiety, seizures, or lack of appetite. But, here’s the thing: not all CBD oils for dogs are the same. You want a high-quality CBD oil that works specifically for your dog’s issues — and that’s where Progressive Herb can be a big help.

Talk to us today. We’ll assist you in choosing CBD oils to address your beloved pet’s recurring pain.

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