CBD Salve Small Size


50 cbd
Ingredients: CBD Oil, beeswax, MCT coconut oil, arnica oil, shea butter, cayenne pepper, vitamin e.

The small jar of CBD Salve is very convenient to travel with, and it is just the right amount to introduce yourself to CBD products.



If you’re new to CBD Oil, then the small bottle (i.e. sample bottle) may be the place to start. Pair it with our small salve topical solution to have the complete starter package.

So, what do you do when you have the most powerful, and high quality CBD Oil on the market?

Well, you make the world’s best Salve.

Our CBD Salve has even won an award in the best topical category in the 2018 Hemp Product Competition in the Indo Expo.

As the owner of Progressive Herb, I suffer through a lot of knee pain due to an ACL surgery I had when I was a young adult. Also, when you’re exercising 6 days a week, you have a lot more than just knee pain. (I sometimes workout so hard, that I can’t move the next day….)

So, what do I do with all this knee pain, and sore muscles from working out, I rub on our salve.

I just take my index finger, and rub it on directly where I am experiencing muscle and joint pain.

In just a few minutes, I am relieved of my knee and muscle pain.

Then, I go out and workout again, or I play with my kids, or just work around the house. When the pain comes back, I just rub on some salve directly to the where it hurts.

Our salve has a unique formula of our best CBD oil, cayenne pepper and other ingredients. You may be curious, and ask us “Why cayenne pepper?”. Well, cayenne pepper increases the blood flow to where you apply it.

Therefore, increased blood flow combined with the best CBD oil acting as an anti-inflammatory….you get…pain alleviation.

If you want to alleviate yourself from pain, and want all organic natural solution, try our amazing salve.

Ingredients: CBD Oil, beeswax, MCT coconut oil, arnica oil, shea butter, cayenne pepper, vitamin e.


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