The Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

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Vaping is a relatively new alternative to smoking. Instead of inhaling smoke, you inhale vapors from an e-cigarette or vaporizer filled with a liquid concentrate that can come in different flavors. Its advantages outweigh that of regular smoking and, combined with cannabidiol (CBD) oil, provides even more health benefits.

While vaping equipment are available in physical and online stores for anyone over the legal age, CBD products are another matter. Before trying CBD for medical or recreational purposes, check if your state’s regulation allows this. In Illinois, CBD may only be used for medicinal purposes. Consult with a physician first before buying Progressive Herb’s array of high-quality vape oils.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Given the multiple studies, clinical trials, and cases of chain-smokers, smoking comes with serious health risks. One cigarette contains over 20 carcinogens including nicotine, formaldehyde, arsenic, carbon monoxide, lead, and other chemicals. Smoking contributes to other health conditions such as cancer and lung disease. Those who try to smoke CBD for medical purposes may actually expose themselves to other diseases.

Vaping, on the other hand, removes the exposure to smoke and decreases the amount of carcinogens smokers let into their body. It removes the short-term effects of smoking such as bad odor, tooth stains, and yellowed skin. Many smokers use it as an alternative method to quit smoking and claim to feel much better when they do. However, because it is relatively new, researchers cannot determine the long-term effects.

Vaping and CBD Oil

Studies have shown CBD oil’s medical benefits and its link to treating chronic pain, neurological disorders, and mental health conditions. Medical developments allow patients to consume CBD in several ways, but vaping has benefits other methods cannot provide.

One of its most important benefits is the way inhaling maximizes and speeds up the effect of CBD. When we consume regular medicines, it goes through the digestive system and whatever is left gets absorbed into the blood to treat the condition. The same process applies to CBD; whatever substances survive the stomach’s acidity and the small intestines’ filtering loses its potency. By inhaling it through vaping, you receive up to four times its oral potency because it goes from the lungs directly into the blood.

Another benefit is the way vaping comes in multiple flavors. Patients may find the flavor of pure CBD difficult to take. We’ve addressed this and came up with three different flavors: mint, citrus, and Kush. Along with the unflavored form, these flavors cater to the personal differences of patients.

Smoking CBD may give people the dosage they need but puts them at risk of the negative consequences of inhaling the unhealthy substances. With vaping and consuming CBD oil combined, those who use it for medical purposes maximize the benefits they receive. CBD smokers may want to consider vaping their CBD oil instead.

Progressive Herb offers multiple flavors of CBD vape oils in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. You may also find the vape kits you need. All this and more for a hassle-free shopping experience from your trusted source of CBD.

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