Ouch! My Aching Back!

Back Pain

Hey Everyone!

For the past week, I had the opportunity to attend an awesome eCommerce and digital marketing training course away from home.

With travel away from home comes uncomfortable plane rides, a bed that you’re not used to, and sitting on your butt all day and getting your mind blown by the awesome eCommerce training.

Well, the result of all this was a very painful lower back.

The lower left side of my back has always given me some trouble, and I’ve always had to stretch, get a massage, or take a pain killer to get relief.

Yesterday, my back was not cooperating with me, and I couldn’t perform my best in my workout. My muscles were tight, and my lower back would “lock up”, and not let me move.

I kept stopping, and my coach kept coming up to me asking if I was ok, and I would stretch and I would feel a little better.

I didn’t move much when I got home, and I thought that I just need a good night’s rest.

The next morning, today, I woke up to an awful painful back.

I was in so much pain, that I was thinking about taking a pain killer, or booking a massage that usually costs me over $60.

Then I smacked my head!

And I said to myself “Try the awesome Salve you have….you idiot!”

I grabbed my CBD Salve.

Rubbed some on my lower back.

One of my kids came up to me and distracted me for a minute.

By the time the distraction from my kid was over….I was alleviated from the pain.

Now, I still felt the muscles in my lower back was tight, and some soreness, but I WAS NOT IN PAIN.

Ya know….I always love feeling surprised by the efficacy of our Salve. It is truly an AMAZING product.

Let me clarify something. Is our Salve going to alleviate your aches and pains?

The simple answer is: I Don’t Know…

You just have to try it. Our CBD products work for some people, and for some it does not.

This concept of “try it and see if it works” is not new. How many times have you heard people getting medical treatments prescribed by their doctor and sometimes it does not work, and the doctor has to try another type of medical treatment.

There have been 1 or 2 times (very rare) where one my children would get sick, the pediatrician would prescribe one type of antibiotics, and it does not have the desired effect. I would call the doctor and say that the symptoms are not subsiding for my child, and the pediatrician would prescribe a different antibiotic, and the new antibiotic would work.

Again, you just have to try our product and see if it works for you. We’re not here to make any claim.

For example, my Mom has really bad arthritis because she’s just simply up there in age, and she has not kept up with her exercises as she should. My Salve did not work for her.

For me, it works!!! Works like a charm!

I would request that you check with your doctor before you try CBD. Again, our products has less than 0.3% THC, so no need to be worried about getting “high”.

I keep telling our NEW customers…. “Start off with our small bottle if you are new to CBD products”.

For those of you who are not new, and CBD products work for you, then by all means stock up on the bigger bottles.

To your health…

Best Regards,

Progressive Herb Family

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